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Sen. Nikki Setzler, of West Columbia, is co-chairing a panel that has been assembled to address congestion on South Carolina’s interstates.

Senate Finance Chairman Hugh Leatherman issued a memo thanking members for serving on the special subcommittee.

Setzler is the co-chairman of the committee with Sen. Thomas Alexander.
In the memo, Leatherman explains the need to address interstate congestion.

The memo reads: In South Carolina, we have experienced robust population growth, successful economic expansion and sustained tourism activity.

Leatherman said over the years, industry leaders – looking to move to South Carolina- want to know if the state’s transportation system is adequate. He said in the past it has been. If it were not, the companies were not going to locate in South Carolina.

Leatherman then writes: “However, our success has led to more activity on our interstate highways. The increased activity has brought bottlenecks and delays. Without a solution, we risk choking off the growth we are experiencing. We are dangerously close to meeting critical mass.”

At the end of the memo, Leatherman writes: “the problem of congestion on our interstate system must be addressed to insure continued prosperity for our citizens.”

Besides Setzler and Alexander, the senators on the subcommittee are: Glenn Reese; Larry Grooms: Tom Davis; Greg Gregory: and Kevin Johnson.

Setzler has expressed his desire to see more lanes added to the interstates.
He wrote on Aug. 28: “I have traveled I-26 to Charleston and back the last two days. The traffic has been extremely heavy and backed up in all lanes several times. I have heard the argument that this is only the case on the weekend—that is not correct.

Setzler added: It is time to 6-lane I-26, as well as every interstate in SC. We can’t wait for 10 or 15 years to get this done. Our future and economy depend on it.

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