The lengths some people go to get the “perfect selfie” can be quite extensive. Midlands resident Conetta Griffin decided to make it easier for everyone.

Selfie Mania, Columbia’s fist official selfie museum, will be holding its grand opening Saturday. The museum features 15 themed, interactive selfie pods with phone stands and lighting equipment for guests to enjoy. Themes range from an office space that Griffin described as a “boss lady office,” to a small café and a swing surrounded by flowers.

She said she was inspired to bring the concept to the Midlands after seeing other selfie museums in larger cities like Denver and New Orleans.

“I saw where a lot of people were going to different places and having these elaborate backgrounds. So I said, you know what? Why is there not one in Columbia? With this being the Capital City, there’s no reason why amenities in the bigger cities shouldn’t be here,” she said.

Although Griffin is the business owner, she said it’s been an effort from her whole family to prepare the 2,500 sq.-ft. space. “We’ve all gotten in here and painted, put things up, taken things down. My nieces have been in here taking selfies almost every day,” she laughed.

In addition to taking selfies, the space will also serve as a photography studio, private event space and recording studio for local media and brand influencers.

Admission will be $20 per person to enter, with a discounted rate of $10 per person during the grand opening weekend. Following the opening, Selfie Mania will be open Mondays through Thursdays by appointment only. Walk-ins are welcome Fridays through Sundays.

Masks are required when guests are not taking photos, and social distancing guidelines are encouraged.

The museum is located on the second floor of the Columbia Place Mall, across from Macy’s. Griffin said she purposefully chose that location. “There has been a negative connotation with the Columbia Place Mall, and we want to change that,” she said. “The population is here, so why not? We’re trying to bring it back.”

Additional information can be found on Selfie Mania’s Facebook an Instagram pages.

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