Midlands residents can soon experience dining in a festive atmosphere at Columbia’s Publico Kitchen and Tap.

Beginning mid-November, the restaurant will have domes that resemble an igloo village set up in the back outdoor area of the restaurant for guests to dine in.

Restaurant owner, Michael Duganier, explained that the domes are made of a clear covering and PVC pipes. The structure was originally designed to be used for greenhouses, however he saw potential to turn them into something magical.

Duganier also owns the Publico Kitchen and Tap in Atlanta where he began the igloo experience two years ago. He said the concept gained popularity quickly, especially because it created a festive feeling for guests.

“We always planned on bringing igloos to Columbia,” he said. “With COVID we decided it would work because it will help with social distancing.”

Duganier said after guests have dined in an igloo, staff will use a fogging machine to sanitize the interior of each dome so it can be safely used for the next party.

Though the exact number has not yet been decided, there will be a maximum amount of guests allowed to dine in the igloos at a time to ensure COVID-19 safety precautions are in place.

Duganier said there will be three to four igloos set up at Columbia’s Publico. Reservations will be required to dine in the domes, which can be made online once the restaurant’s website is updated with details.

The igloos will be set up from mid-November until early February.

Additional updates on reservations will be posted to the restaurant’s website and Facebook page.

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