Those who love plants and being crafty will soon have a new avenue to enjoy both simultaneously. 

PlantHouse, a terrarium workshop and a plant store will open its doors in the Cross Hill Market shopping center (4305 Fort Jackson Boulevard) in early December. 

Bailey Ryan, CEO of PlantHouse said the vision of opening the business came in 2018 after she wanted her parents to try a new concept with their preexisting business. 

"My parents have always been entrepreneurs, I had a very different vision in what they started," Ryan said. "They provided the structure to my big idea and let it happen."

Ryan's parents began selling plants through an e-commerce platform in Virginia. They were the first business to ever sell live plants through Amazon. She noted that she worked for her parents and decided that she wanted to create a more personal, interactive experience for customers which is where the idea of PlantHouse (formerly PlantBar) began.

"I wanted to convince them to do something customer facing," she said. "I wanted to bring our products in person and I wanted people to get their hands dirty. It took a lot of convincing."

PlantHouse will offer a variety of plants for sale, walk-in terrarium building workshops, special evening classes and Sunday events including yoga class and wreath-making classes.

"You can walk in anytime and build a terrarium, the average price is 38 dollars which includes all materials," Ryan said. "Staff walks you through the whole process, but the actually design process is completely up to you. We carry really unique plants and really modern ceramics… a little bit more trendy boho, glam, we’ve got it all."

The store will also have a bar, selling beer and wine for guests to purchase while shopping or taking a workshop.

A weekend-long opening event will be held once dates are finalized. 

Hours of operation will be Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. Hours may vary Thursdays through Saturdays because of evening class sessions. 

PlantHouse has locations open in Virginia Beach, VA (original location), Richmond, VA and Charlotte, NC. New stores will open in Charleston, SC, Decatur, GA, Columbia and Atlanta, GA in the coming months.

Additional information can be found on the PlantHouse website and Instagram.

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