Members of the North Columbia Business Association, along with Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin and other county officials, participated in a presentation Wednesday that will quite literally stand the tests of time. The NOMA Time Capsule was completed and sealed at Studio 2LR’s facility on the North Main corridor.

Benjamin acknowledged the changes the area has already undergone, and the continued development that is yet to come. “I want to encourage each and every one of you that our future is indeed subjective,” he said. “We do believe this is an incredible place to live, work, play, prosper and educate – and we can do all those things.” A proclamation was made naming July 31 as “NCBA Time Capsule Community Day.”

A representative from the NCBA read a list of predictions for what the North Main area will look like in 2029. Some of the predictions included a more competitive public education system, more restaurants, at least one additional grocery store, added retail options, and a smooth ride with a completed streetscape.

After the presentation was completed, the crowd moved over to view the water-proof time capsule, which was sealed and positioned in front of the two large NOMA Station robot structures. Mayor Benjamin climbed a ladder with the capsule, and placed it inside the left robot. All presentation attendants signed a wooden plaque that was added in the capsule. Other items include photos and small objects from North Columbia businesses and residents. It will be opened in 2029.

Residents are encouraged to stop by the artistic structures and participate in a “robot scavenger hunt” located across North Main Street. There are 13 small ceramic robots positioned at different historic buildings down the corridor. More information can be found on the North Columbia Business Association’s Facebook page.

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