Wellness 360 Nutritional Healing opened Thursday in Cayce. Wellness 360 is a holistic healing company that uses healthy strategies, exercise, eating right, adequate sleep, and positive thinking to repair the body.

They offer a range of different services including classes about food and wellness, yoga, nutrition programs for the whole family, and the ways nutrition can help with fertility and pregnancy. The new building also has wellness rooms, offices and an on-site kitchen.

Owner Debey Hancock said she was happy to finally have her ribbon cutting, after “14 months, two hurricanes, three rain delays and a new location.” Hancock was inspired to begin the full body wellness journey after her late daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago.

According to Hancock, her family did a complete ‘360’ lifestyle change for their daughter and decided they should share this information with others. That led Hancock to becoming a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Functional Nutritionist.

“We know first-hand that the body can heal itself if we give it the right tools,” Hancock said Thursday during the ribbon cutting. “That is our passion: to teach people that living well and as long as you’re breathing there’s always hope.”

Hancock also owns Lil Duck Kombucha which is part of her larger holistic healing platform. Lil Duck Kombucha has become well known for its appearances at Soda City Market on Saturdays.

Both Wellness 360 and Lil Duck Kombucha are located on the same property at 1004 12th Street in Cayce.

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