Chapin residents may have noticed recent changes to the small structure on the corner of Chapin Road and Old Lexington Highway. The brick building has remained unused since it was Trucky’s Wheels years ago, but recent renovations have been taking place.

Local resident Jaime Bohnke purchased the building six years ago, and said she planned on making it her new business venture after retirement from her corporate job. Now that she is getting ready for the opening she elaborated on her plans for the place, which will be called S&S Destination.

“I’m going to have retro candy, sectioned by decades. Starting in the 1800s, then you go to the 1920s, 30s. I’ll have a blurb on the wall about that decade. So it’s the kind of candy that you’d get reminiscent of that actual decade. That will be weighed for purchase,” she explained. “Then there’s a chocolate section with chocolate pretzels, fudge, and hopefully pralines. Then I’m going to have fancy ice cream. I’ll do six to eight gourmet flavors.”

Not only will the store have sweet treats, but Bohnke said she added a kitchen in order to serve breakfast and lunch. However, the dishes will fit the style of the business:

“The entire menu is kind of based still on the sweet theme, and that is, everything is going to be served on a waffle. So you can get a chicken salad sandwich but it’ll be in a waffle,” she said.

In addition to candy, ice cream, and sandwiches, Bohnke said there will also be cappuccinos, specialty coffees, and fried donuts.

Since the building itself is only 500 sq.-ft., she will have outdoor seating available that can accommodate up to 40 people (12 seats will be available inside). There is also an ADA-compliant bathroom installed in the “caboose” structure she added onto the building.

S&S Destination is a name that is meant to pay homage to the original purpose of the building, according to Bohnke. “It was an S&S filling station, built in 1948. The ‘S’ and ‘S’ for me stands for sweets and sandwiches.”

One of the main problems Bohnke wanted to solve is the lack of parking. The lot beside her store will have 14 spots available. She also purchased another lot on the corner of Columbia Avenue and Old Lexington Highway (where a house used to be located) to provide additional spots.

Bohnke said she’s filled with both pride and angst, leading up to the opening of her new store. “It’s been a lot of fun, and it’s given me something to do since I’ve gotten off the roller coaster of my job,” she said. “I really hope the town responds well to it.”

S&S Destination should be opening around May.

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