Photo from Nephron website.

Nephron Pharmaceuticals announced Thursday, several major expansion and investment projects. The corporation has planned a new $215 million investment in Lexington County, bringing 380 new full-time jobs to the area by 2024. The project will also add new office, warehouse and a vaccine production space in Saxe-Gotha Industrial Park.

“Our team is extraordinarily grateful for the opportunity to grow in South Carolina,” said Nephron CEO Lou Kennedy. “Thanks to our partnerships with state and local officials, and the trust they have placed in us, we have been able to provide life-saving medications to patients around the world and establish ourselves as the global leader in what we do. We are proud of these achievements and more, and we know our best days are ahead of us. That is what makes this latest announcement so special.”

The upcoming projects will be an addition to Nephron’s initial $313 million investment which brought the company’s headquarters and production facility to South Carolina. This has brought 1,800 full and part-time jobs over the last five years.

“We are proud to have Nephron Pharmaceuticals in South Carolina,” said Gov. Henry McMaster. “Since coming here they have become an integral part of the community, and recently have been vital in the fight against COVID-19. This new investment of more than $215 million creating 380 new jobs in Lexington County is a great win for Team South Carolina.”

Nephron Pharmaceuticals develops and produces safe, affordable generic inhalation solutions and suspension products. Many of the products are used to treat severe respiratory distress symptoms associated with COVID-19.

“We are excited to continue to partner with such an innovative and forward-thinking company like Nephron Pharmaceuticals,” Lexington County Council Chairman Scott Whetstone said. “We know that Lexington County is a great place to establish and grow a business, and Nephron’s continued success is a testament to good government-business relations.”

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