It's been less than a year since Mingos Cookies opened at Kitty's Korner in Lexington. The dessert cafe is known for its variety of fresh-baked cookies and bubble tea flavors. The success of the business has been overwhelming, and owner Richard Pellerano said he and his wife decided it was time to open a second location.

The new Mingos will be located at 945 Lake Murray Blvd. in the Irmo area. Pellerano said customers will get to experience some new options at the Irmo location.

Additional items will include homemade ice cream and a "cereal bar," where guests will be able to choose cereal mix-ins and toppings. Ice cream flavors like salted caramel, peach, and strawberry shortcake will be available along with Ube, which Pellerano said is similar to a popular bubble tea flavor called Taro. He described it as a sweet flavor that many say tastes similar to Fruity Pebbles or a graham cracker. "It's amazing," he said.

Milkshakes and bubble waffles will also be on the menu. The store's beloved cookies including red velvet cheesecake, birthday cake, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch will be available alongside many bubble tea varieties.

Although it's taken quite a bit of work to open the business, Pellerano said it's a great feeling being able to see people gather at Mingos for birthdays, small groups and parties.

"All the support, all the love, and people driving from even an hour away, is something that really motivated us an encouraged us to push forward. I feel like we owe it to our community to continue to create these places and this environment," he said.

Many customers at the Lexington Mingos have likely taken pictures of its bright pink walls, colorful flamingo mural and Instagram-worthy decorations. Pellerano said guests can anticipate another vibrant store in Irmo, but with a bit of a different theme.

"Mingos is Mingos because of flamingos, so expect to see flamingos. But this will be more of a tropical look. Expect more colors - we're going to get very creative with this store - a tropical, jungle-ish of a look," he said.

The targeted opening for the Irmo Mingos is set for Valentine's Day (Feb. 14). Additional information about the store can be found on the cafe's Facebook page.

Anyone interested in applying to become a team member at the new location can email a resume to

Pellerano also said Santa will be stopping by the Lexington Mingos Saturday, Dec. 18 form noon to 4 p.m. He will be handing out stocking stuffers and the event is free to attend.

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[smile][tongue] Red Velvet Cheesecake cookies. Wow!

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