The Irmo community celebrated the expansion of a local business Friday during a ribbon cutting ceremony. Loveland coffee expanded its operations with the opening of the Loveland Coffee Roastery.

Owners Beach Loveland and his wife Jessica began their journey as local business owners when they opened the Loveland Coffee drive-thru kiosk in December 2012.

"We started out eight years ago with our drive through down the road and that was always a stepping point to this, this is what we always had in mind," said owner, Beach Loveland.

Loveland began working in the hospitality industry, where he was able to serve others through his work. After working and managing cafés, Loveland came across the opportunity to open a business. Loveland Coffee was then born years after.

"Fifteen years ago, we decided we wanted to serve our community in the capacity you see now," said Loveland. "What you’re seeing behind be is the fruition of fifteen years of hard work, determination and living out our dream."

Loveland said the space is a chance to give the Irmo community a chance to come together and know one another. "It’s about coffee, but it’s just as much about community and making sure the people are well served," he said. "I think everyone is so hungry to be in community, and we’re excited to have this space for our community."

The beverage shop, located at 7475 Carlisle Street in Irmo offers coffee beverages, baked goods, whole roasted coffee and more. Current store hours are Mon.-Fri. from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. and Sat. from 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. Evening hours for Friday and Saturday will be extended in the coming weeks.

Additional information is available on Loveland Coffee's Facebook page.

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