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The “Top Job Tuesday” employer Columbia Public Works covers nearly every area of the city, according to its director, Robert Anderson. The street division handles street maintenance and storm drains. Animal control takes care of lost and stray animals and tries to adopt them out to people both within and outside the city.

The traffic engineering division is responsible for traffic lights, stop signs and some of the street lights in the city. The solid waste division handles garbage, yard trash and recycling collection. And the forestry and beautification division maintains trees, landscaped medians and gateways into town.

The top jobs CPW needs to fill now are for people with mechanical or commercial driving skills, Anderson said. “We’re lacking commercial driver’s license operators and equipment operators, people who can operate backhoes and track hoes, or people who can drive dump trucks and operate mini-excavators.”

Previous experience is a plus — but not required, Anderson added. “Someone who’s done it before would be the ideal candidate, but anyone who’s willing to learn or has some mechanical skills behind them with a CDL license, we’d love for them to come down and see if they would fit in the organization and we’ll train them.”

Anderson said jobs with the city have “magnificent” benefits, including health, dental and vision insurance, plus a retirement program through the state retirement system. But the biggest job perk is the City of Columbia itself, he said.

“I’ve been here 34 years and it’s a constant job. We go to work every day in any situation. We have a lot of people in the department who’ve been here many years. I think Columbia is a place where when people come to work, sometimes they find that it’s home. This is where they want to spend their 30 years and get a retirement check at the end.”

Those interested in applying for a job with Columbia Public Works can visit and click on “Job Opportunities” on the home page, or click on “Departments” from the home page menu and then “Human Resources.”

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