Main’s Best, LLC Convenience and Grocery store

(Photo from Google Maps)

The Columbia Police Department (CPD) has permanently closed a downtown business after it was deemed a public nuisance on Monday.

Main’s Best, LLC Convenience and Grocery store at 2132 Main St. was closed down as defined by City of Columbia’s Code of Ordinances, Section 8-31 (C) (5) and South Carolina Code of Law: 15-43-10.

An initial ‘Notice of Intent to Declare Property Public Nuisance’ was sent to the owners on April 22. This location has proven to be a drain on police resources. The business was deemed a nuisance due to criminal activity and quality of life issues that have detrimentally affected surrounding businesses and neighborhoods.

CPD officers have responded to more than 200 calls for service at the location since January 2021. Documented criminal offenses at the store include drug possession and distribution, larceny, loitering, urinating and defecating in public, alcohol violations and litter/trash accumulation.

CPD filed a “Law Enforcement Protest” to the South Carolina Department of Revenue Alcohol Licensing Division against the renewal of the business's alcohol permit license in June 2022.The letter states, ‘It is of the opinion of the Columbia Police Department that the Main’s Best Convenience Store has failed to operate and sell alcohol in a responsible manner, therefore adversely affecting the public health and safety within our community."

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Not only is it the store owners fault,that only cared about making a dollar,,but wtf why would anyone want to treat their neighborhood like its gone...going have to find somewhere else to use the bathroom..thank you Columbia police dept..job well done..

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