Rendering provided by Garvin Design Group

Garvin Design Group announced Friday that the former home of Columbia auto parts distributor, BW Clark, will be transformed into a live-work complex called Gadsden Place.

The buildings, located at 1209 and 1211 Gadsden Street will undergo new renovations and landscaping, while builders maintain the structure’s historic charm.

Constructed in 1920, the buildings housed various tenants throughout the 20th century, including a bottling and fountain drink supply company known as WC Peeler. BW Clark occupied the buildings since 2000.

Though the infrastructures of both spaces have been altered through time, the buildings retain historic features that will be retained in their rehabilitation. Some of these features include, thick chamfered posts, hardwood floors and early 20th century elevators.

“We know that the relationship between home space and workspace is changing, and we’re eager to bring the live-work concept to the Vista,” said Scott Garvin, project developer and president of Garvin Design Group. “It’s an added bonus that we can do it in a way that reuses two of the Vista’s historic buildings. Gadsden Place will be one of the city’s most character-filled, pedestrian-friendly places to live and work.”

The buildings will be subdivided into twelve large live-work units with enough space for in-home offices. Second floor units will have rooftop deck accessibility with spiral staircases in the buildings’ historic elevator shafts. New skylights will flood the buildings’ central atriums with daylight.

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