It was announced Thursday that Nooch and Lalo, a "mix-Mex" restaurant on Old Chapin Road in Lexington, has permanently closed.

The announcement via social media names "devastating family issues" as a factor as to why the closure was the best decision. Co-owners and partners Jose "Lalo" Parra and Nicholas "Nooch" Kole will be moving to Mexico to start a new chapter, according to the announcement:

"It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to close the restaurant permanently. We continue working on devastating family issues and have concluded it is best for us. You know we loved what we created; food, service and atmosphere. We also love and appreciate our team and all of you! We are leaving on a high note with record sales double what we prayed for, and the highest ratings within a 10 mile radius on Yelp, Google and Facebook. This is all thanks to our team and to you. As sad as we are we also know with certainty that this is the right move for Jose and I at this time. We are so very sorry to all of you, our loyal friends and fans of what we built in just one year. Thank you is not enough but please accept it as a heartfelt message from us," the beginning of the announcement reads.

The restaurant had been temporarily closed, also naming family issues as the cause. Its projected reopening date was scheduled to be the day after Thanksgiving.

Nooch and Lalo first opened in November of 2019, offering original dishes with Mexican flair. Upon opening, Parra told Cola Daily it was "a dream come true."

Kole mentioned in the Facebook announcement that he would be willing to guide or coach anyone interested in continuing the legacy of the restaurant.

Cola Daily has reached out for comment. Any additional information will be updated when received. Read the restaurant's full Facebook announcement HERE.

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