Members of Lexington’s Planning Commission on Wednesday morning approved a new site plan for a proposed Hobby Lobby, and those plans now include a grocery store.

Atlanta-based S.J. Collins is developing 29 acres at Sunset Boulevard and Hope Ferry Road behind Walgreens with 131,000 square feet of commercial space. A first Hobby Lobby store for the town is included in the project scope as it was last June, and a yet-to-be announced grocery store has been added as the second large tenant.

The site plan was expanded with addition of adjacent land occupied by Northwood Baptist Church.

“We are under contract at the moment and should the contract go to closing we will be relocating,” said Northwood pastor Dave Copeland. He said there are plans to build a new location on property the church owns off Longs Pond Road.

Plans from S.J. Collins also show two smaller commercial parcels totaling about 25,000 square feet.

“(This is) a plan that we think mirrors what has been asked of the neighborhood groups and what benefits the community,” said Jeff Garrison, a partner with S.J. Collins.

A traffic impact study has been submitted by the developer and reviewed by Transportation Director Randy Edwards. Access to the shopping center will be possible through four entrances: two on Hope Ferry Road and two on Sunset Boulevard. A new full-service driveway on Hope Ferry Road is part of the site plan.

Edwards recommended one of the limited-service entrances off of Sunset Boulevard become a full-service entrance to pull away some of the left-turn traffic from the Hope Ferry intersection. A median also might be added to Sunset Boulevard.

John Fellows, a resident in the Hope Ferry area, asked the developers to consider pedestrian access. Director of Planning John Hansen said town ordinances do require sidewalks to be installed or for a developer to pay into the sidewalk fund.

The Planning Commission approved the site plan, which now goes to Town Council for full approval.

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