The past and present of Compton’s Kitchen came out Tuesday to the new Lexington location as the local eatery was welcomed into the Greater Lexington Chamber of Commerce.

Current owner Martha Cooke was joined by Jackie Hoover, manager at the West Columbia location, as well as founder Perry Compton. Compton started the business in 1977, and his famous breakfast items have been discovered by countless people ever since.

“He still makes the biscuits in West Columbia every morning,” Cooke said.

Compton’s Kitchen originally was located on D Avenue in West Columbia before Compton moved to U.S. Highway 378 near the Gervais Street Bridge and then back to the Triangle City area on B Avenue. The restaurant began offering a lunch menu while at the Gervais Street location.

Cooke took over operations in 2000 after managing Compton’s Kitchen for the previous decade. Under her leadership, the restaurant expanded into Lexington and opened in Topspin Plaza at 5343-L Sunset Blvd. on March 6.

“It’s great to have you in the Town of Lexington,” said Chamber President and CEO Randy Halfacre. “There’s plenty of business here.”

Cooke didn’t introduce the Lexington staff members individually Tuesday but said people easily could learn all their names if they became regular customers.

“We have lots of friendly faces and good cooks,” she said.

The Lexington location is open seven days a week. Compton’s Kitchen also offers catering and holiday dinners.

Visit the Lexington or West Columbia restaurants for more information, or visit the Compton’s Kitchen website for a look at the menu.

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