Lexington will be heating up in March with the opening of Hotworx fitness studio.

The 24-hour infrared fitness studio located at 918 North Lake Dr. will offer yoga, Pilates, symmetric exercise, 15-minute high intensity exercises and more.

"There’s really nothing like it right now," Hotworx Lexington owner Rachel Maxwell said. "It's an amazing workout."

According to Maxwell, members at Hotworx will experience high intensity workouts in 125 degree saunas. The seven-sauna studio offers 24-hour virtual training with screens in each room continuously playing workouts throughout the day.

"Even if you just sat there and didn’t workout it’s phenomenal," Maxwell said. "The saunas are great for heart health, detoxing, muscle recovery, inflammation and it's incredible for your skin and also stimulates collagen production. It promotes accelerated calorie burning, up to an hour afterwards you’re still burning calories." 

The workout saunas are usually meant to occupy three people, however for some time to ensure social distancing the saunas will be available for one person to use at a time. Maxwell said the option is available for three people to workout at a time, but she recommended they be friends or family members.

Hotworx Lexington is expected to open in March, however a definite date has not been announced yet. Maxwell said the studio is currently accepting new clients and is offering new member discounts for a limited time. Those interested in signing up can do so online. Additional updates on the studio's opening will be posted to the Hotworx Lexington Facebook page.

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