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Lexington Home Depot. Karamie Hallman photo.

Representatives from Home Depot announced Wednesday that the company will be hiring 80 part-time and full-time seasonal employees at the West Columbia distribution center.

Home Depot is considered an essential retailer, and will not be closing as part of Governor McMaster's executive order for non-essential businesses. According to the company's announcement, homeowners and businesses depend on the business for urgent needs like hot water heaters, refrigerators and freezers, cleaning supplies, electrical and plumbing repairs, etc.

Distribution center associates help meet the critical needs through fulfilling online orders and replenishing store inventory.

Home Depot will be offering several temporary benefits to help alleviate some of the burden associates may be facing as a result of COVID-19:

Hourly associates in stores and distribution centers who work more than 35 hours per week will receive an additional $100 per week. Hourly associates in those roles who work 16-35 hours a week will receive an additional $50 per week. This benefit will be provided through April 19.

The company is also offering double-overtime pay to hourly associates for overtime hours worked between now and April 30.

Anyone interested may text "JOBS" to 52270 and receive a link to hourly positions in their area. All interested candidates must complete the 15-minute application online. A break-down of available job positions can be found through careers.homedepot.com, selecting "learn more," entering the desired location, then clicking "search jobs."

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