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Hire Me SC launched a free online resource for families of people with disabilities. The organization is a statewide workforce development campaign to increase employment outcomes for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The employment gap between those with disabilities in South Carolina compared to those without is 42.2%, and this new initiative aims to close the gap by encouraging families to empower their loved ones to meet their employment goals.

“It can be difficult for families to know where to start and what employment decisions their loved ones should make without overstepping boundaries or interfering with their independence,” said Kimberly Tissot, president and CEO of Able South Carolina. “The resources available through Hire Me SC help build confidence in family members so they can empower, support and be an advocate for their loved ones as they decide what kind of employment is right for them.”

Hire Me SC, educates family members of individuals with disabilities looking to enter the workforce, fostering connections with other families and encouraging individuals to share stories about their employment journey.

As a way to achieve this commitment, Hire Me SC launched its new online resource to serve as a hub of employment information, including external resources, tips for families, empowering success stories and more. These resources can be found online.

“Family often plays a significant role in the employment decisions made by a person with a disability, but a lack of knowledge and support can lead to family members compromising the freedom the individual has to make their own employment decisions,” said Tissot.

In its fifth year, the Hire Me SC campaign drives job seekers with disabilities, service providers, educators, employers and family members to the Hire Me SC website, where they can find vital information, job training programs and other resources to help navigate the hiring process.

Additional information about Hire Me SC is available online, by phone at 800-681-7715, or via email at hiremesc@able-sc.org.

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Sadly, as a disabled person never sure what to do or say, this could really help me. But I’m not likely to use a resource that infantilizes me by insisting I need “a family member” to help me on my job search and thinks openly identifying yourself as a protected class and begging the general public for employment is a great promotional idea. I have quite a lot of skills that far outweigh the abilities I don’t have, I just need to know how to make that clear, I’m not looking to depend on others for resources and employment the rest of my life.

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