Grecian Gardens

Alex Koutrakos, Antonia Koutrakos, Mary Koutrakos, George Koutrakos, Stacie Koutrakos, Kiki Koutrakos, Gus Koutrakos. 

Grecian Gardens is featured in the November-December edition of the City of West Columbia’s Newsletter. The article is also included below.

Link to City of West Columbia Nov. – Dec. Newsletter

Alex Koutrakos, with brothers Gus, Nick, and George, opened Grecian Gardens in West Columbia in 1985. Since its opening, Grecian Gardens has become an icon at 2312 Sunset Boulevard.

Grecian Gardens has the best Greek food around. And that’s not all. From its fresh-baked bread and many pizza selections, to its unique and delicious house salad, Grecian Gardens is special. And not just the food. It’s known for its loyalty to the people of West Columbia.

“It’s important to give back to the community that has supported us for 34 years,” said Alex Koutrakos. “My wife and I live in West Columbia and so do my two brothers with their wives. My children and my nieces and nephews were educated in Lexington Two schools. Our work is here along with the many friends we have made over the years.

This our home and we want it to continue being the best place to live.”

He also said it is the best place for business.

“West Columbia is centrally located in the Midlands with close proximity to downtown Columbia, Lexington, and Harbison,” said Koutrakos. He said people come from all over to visit the Riverbanks Zoo and Koutrakos complimented the major effort of city leaders to develop and beautify West Columbia.

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