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Fuddruckers on Bush River Road in Columbia has been serving hamburgers to Midlands customers for 35 years. Bill Teague was one of the original owners when the restaurant opened in 1985, and could still be seen in-store nearly every day, shaking the hands of regulars. Teague found out Wednesday evening that Thursday would be the store’s final day of business.

Although Teague had been communicating with a few investors and discussing the possibility of someone buying him out, he said the prospective buyers ended up not moving forward. “I determined I couldn’t do anything else to keep it up,” he said. “The money was done. I’m not even supposed to have power on right now.”

Teague said he had to break the news to his employees Thursday afternoon. “I said, ‘We’re not opening back.’ I thought there might be some animosity but no one was mad. We hugged and we cried. We had a big ole group hug-and-cry session,” he said.

In addition to hamburgers, the restaurant is known for its salads, milkshakes and cookies. Teague said they acquired many regulars throughout the years, and he’s thankful for each one. “Thanks for the great years of fun and getting to know people, and watching generations come in. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people and it’s been a great experience,” he said, fighting back emotion.

Staff from an upstate Fuddruckers came to the Columbia store Friday morning to take some supplies. The Columbia Fuddruckers is located at 1801 Bush River Road.

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Sorry to see it go! That was one of our favorite places for a good burger! There is Steve’s Classic Burgers on St. Andrews Rd. where you can fix your own burger. Very nice owner!


[sad] This just hurts. Another great family restaurant gone. I really wish somebody could have kept it going. Not too many places where you can get such an amazing Burger and fix it yourself. Not to mention the amazing milkshakes and cookies. Kills me to see all the businesses closing these days. I like the old times better then the present and what's coming.

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