Lexington's Sonic Drive-In at 312 Columbia Ave. will find itself in a new home in the coming months.

The location is being moved down the street to 461 Columbia Ave., the former home of Bojangles. The building has been vacant for nearly four years.

Bob Brockwell, managing partner at the Columbia Avenue Sonic said the move comes as a need for newer infrastructure and space. "The Bojangles became available and it’s a newer building, it’s a brick building, it’s more solid," Brockwell said. "It just made sense to move there, we looked at two or three alternatives and that seemed like the best thing we could do."

He said the current Sonic location on Columbia Avenue opened in 1993, with Brockwell as the only manager at that location in its nearly 28 years of business.

Construction on the former Bojangles location is scheduled to begin in the summer, however official dates haven't been determined for construction or completion.

"Our construction team has to finish another project before starting this one," Brockwell said. "We’re hoping to start early summer, but those things are really out my my control. We want to do it and get it done."

Brockwell anticipates the transition to the new building to be a smooth one with little to no closing time. He said that current staff will be able to keep their positions and he will have new-hire positions available as well.

"We appreciate our customers who have been with us all these years," Brockwell said. "We're really looking forward to them coming down the street with us."

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