Featuring cuisine from countries that span the globe, Flaming Grill Supreme Buffet has something for a variety of taste buds. Owner Jayden Chen and manager Kirby Cheong opened the restaurant in Columbia with the goal of providing a place where anyone can find an item he or she enjoys.

“We try to make it family-oriented,” Cheong said. “Some like Japanese, some like Chinese and some like Italian.” The buffet is open daily with American, Chinese, Japanese and Italian cuisine among other selections.

Chen decided to open his first South Carolina restaurant in Afton Court in Columbia after visiting the city while on vacation. He previously owned restaurants in Georgia with a former business partner but has launched Flaming Grill on his own. Several members of his staff from other restaurant ventures agreed to come on board, and Flaming Grill served up its first dish in early January.

Flaming Grill Supreme Buffet offers more than 250 items for patrons. Chen says it has one of the largest buffets around.

“We try to have more food bars than anywhere else,” Cheong agreed.

Flaming Grill also aims to offer value as well as variety.

“We want to make it affordable and give you bang for your buck,” Cheong said. “You are not going to leave hungry.”

Customers have noticed the array of choices, and the dining room is often busy until late in the afternoon before picking up again for the evening meal. Cheong said people have remarked that Flaming Grill provides more items than normal in the way of sushi.

“They love the sushi and hibachi bars because we put on more variety,” he said. “We don’t mind doing that.”

The restaurant also features olorful lighting, oriental decor and lighted ceilings.

“We tried to shoot for a Vegas feel,” Cheong said. “We didn’t want to make it dull.”

Visit the Flaming Grill website for more information on hours or call 781-2226 for catering information.

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