Like many small business owners, Angela Sellers struggled to get through 2020. The Fit Columbia owner found her ninth year in business a brutal one, battling like so many others to overcome COVID-19’s obstacles. Her way through it turned out to be an unexpected one: a bigger space.

“It was grow or die,” Sellers said. “If I didn’t move into a larger location, Fit Columbia would have closed by year's end. My former space had a CDC capacity of 4-6 people and with all the business interruptions during the pandemic, we would have closed.”

Fit Columbia’s new home is not far from the old one, still in Five Points at 2121 College Street. The larger space means more capacity for social distancing and includes multiple entrances and a private treatment room for stretch therapy and other treatments Sellers and her staff offer in addition to personal training and aerial silks, wall yoga, bungee fitness, traditional yoga and occasional surprises like baby goat yoga.

While celebrating the new home and Fit Columbia’s survival, Sellers is well aware of other small businesses who did not make it.

“I have friends who have closed and each decision was gut wrenching,” she said. “Now more than ever, we need community, mindfulness, healing, yoga and movement. 2020 was brutal to all of us. I hope no one else closes.”

Entering her 10th year as a business owner with a bigger start than ever before, Sellers is excited.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” she asked, looking around the new place and the 1,600 sq.-ft. outdoor area where she hopes to eventually add a pergola for outdoor aerial yoga. “Cork floors, high ceilings with exposed beams and the energy is magic.”

Fit Columbia has and will continue to observe safety precautions including and going beyond city and state guidelines for the pandemic. More information on the steps taken to keep staff and customers safe and on the many classes and treatments available can be found at

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