Sunday is Father’s Day, and that offers the opportunity to show appreciation for the men who mean so much in our lives.

The nation’s first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910, in the state of Washington. But it was not until 1972–58 years after Mother’s Day was made official–that the day honoring fathers became a nationwide holiday in the United States.

There are more than 70 million fathers in the United States, and they are not forgotten. Especially on Father’s Day.

The father of Jamie Allen is Sen. Nikki Setzler of West Columbia.

“Father’s Day has always been a special family celebration for us,” said Allen, “though we try to show him what he means to us all throughout the year by spending time with him.”

She said her father has traditions he prefers on Father’s Day, and they will practice those on Sunday.

“He always loves for us to attend church with him on Father’s Day so we are doing that,” said Allen. “And the most important thing to him is family time, so we have planned a family cookout and swimming with Mom, his girls and all his grands.”

Not only is Setzler honored, his daughter said he pays homage to his father on Father’s Day. Allen said Setzler “also always makes a point to visit the cemetery to celebrate his father, who meant so much to him and gave us all a legacy to follow.”

Allen also said “just being together is what matters most to us.”

While time is important, buying a gift for dad is another way to show him you are thinking about him. Stone Boot Company on Meeting Street in West Columbia is where generations sometimes come together.

“We see fathers and sons fairly often, shopping for boots,” said Randal Stone, owner of the business. But he said buying boots a a Father’s day gift can be difficult.

“It will be a surprise if the boot does not fit,” said Stone. He said gift-buyers often give gift certificates so dad can come in and pick out the boot with the right fit. Work boots, which account for about one-third of the volume at Stone Boot Company are a popular item for fathers.
“Most men buy boots for a more practical reasons,” said Stone. “With women boots are more of a fashion accessory. The boots are fancier.”

In addition to cookouts and gifts, a West Columbia tradition includes taking dad to lunch. And Grecian Gardens on Sunset Boulevard is a favorite.
“We see lots of fathers and grandfathers on Father’s Day,” said Vivi Koutrakos of Grecian Gardens. And she is exited to be a part of it. The restaurant also prepares for an influx of dads.

“We look forward to Father’s Day and any other day that celebrates families,” said Koutrakos. “We are stocked up on dad’s favorites: from prime rib to our hand-pattied one-half pound burger. ”


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