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Image from Crazy Cazboy's Pensacola Facebook page.

A new store is coming to Columbia, promising “insane deals” on name brand items.

Many may have seen advertisements for the new store, Crazy Cazboy’s Columbia, on social media within the past month. Increasing curiosity was growing as the store had declined to answer questions regarding where it would be located, and when it would be opening. The Facebook page acquired more than 16,000 followers in just a little more than one month. Finally, company officials released a video Friday afternoon providing additional details about the superstore.

Crazy Cazboy’s will be coming to 5422 Forest Dr., and will be opening Nov. 6 at 9 a.m.

According to details from representatives via social media, the store will sell truckloads of name brand products for just $7 on Fridays, $5 on Saturdays, $3 on Sundays, $2 on Mondays $1 on Tuesdays and $.25 on Wednesdays. The store will be closed Thursdays to restock.

A variety of merchandise will be offered including Apple products, electronics, name brand apparel, snacks and drinks by the case, tools, sporting goods, health and beauty, pet products, and more, according to store officials.

Photos of customers at different Crazy Cazboy's locations show them holding items like an iPad, a Macbook, and an Instant Pot. Although some have been skeptical of the seemingly too-good-to-be-true deals, store representatives said they purchase "new or damaged boxes from local retailers." Officials said there will be a testing station for any electronics found. 

A representative on a video speaking about the grand opening claims people will be spending the night in the parking lot prior to the opening, in order to be first in line.

The Crazy Cazboy’s app is required to shop in the store. Additional details can be found on the store’s Facebook page and at

According to the company’s website, this will be the first location in South Carolina.

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