A ribbon cutting ceremony was held Thursday at Columbia's newest workspace located at 1122 Lady St.

Expansive, formerly Novel Coworking, opened its doors offering 12 floors of workspaces to individuals and businesses in the Midlands. The space hosts a variety of workspace needs.

"Expansive is all about creating workspaces where people and companies thrive," said McKenna Michel, chief marketing officer for Expansive. "We provide flexible workspaces of lots of different types, obviously we have private offices and we have suites, but we also offer flex options and day offices or day conference rooms, and then we have event spaces like the beautiful patio that you see around the outside of the building here and we also have long term leases."

Renters can expect amenities including fully furnished spaces, direct fiber internet and WiFi, 24/7 secure access and the business/individual's company logo on the space's office door. A free espresso bar, community events, happy hours and communal lounges are also available for use.

"We’re excited to be here opening up in Columbia today, it’s our first building in this market so we’re really thrilled to be here," Michel said. "This is such a great market to operate in."

Expansive currently operates in 33 states. Clients of Expansive have access to all of the coworking space's buildings across the nation, which Michele said is extremely beneficial for clients who travel frequently.

The workspace also offers event spaces for rent including an outdoor patio and an indoor area.

Those interested in becoming a member of Expansive can visit the workspace website.

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