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The South Carolina Department of Revenue announced that agents have arrested a Lexington grocery store owner Thursday and charged her with operating a business without a retail license.

Natalia Sokil, 44, owner of the European Market in Lexington, was operating a business without a valid retail license and was told to close the business by SCDOR personnel, according to arrest warrants.

Agents were able to buy items at the store June 24, and were charged sales tax on the purchase.

Sokil was transported to the Lexington County Detention center, and awaits a bail hearing. If convicted, she faces a fine of up to $200 or 30 days in jail.

According to SCDOR, by taking enforcement action against non compliant taxpayers, the department seeks to prevent unfairly increasing the tax burden on those who do comply.

The Lexington store had been open since January 25.

The operator of the Lexington European Market Facebook page posted a notice that the store had to "close early due to an emergency" June 24. Although SCDOR only referenced Sokil's Lexington store, she also owns another location in Columbia. The same phrase was published on the Columbia European Market Facebook page June 24, regarding an emergency closure.

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The last time I was in there the place was filled with swarthy-looking dudes wearing Adidas track suits and carrying AK-47's.

I'm kidding. [beam]


Europe is a continent. What continent do you consider the Slavic countries to be part of if not Europe?


We stopped by this place shortly after it opened, and it was spooky weird. The stock was mostly from slavic countries, not "Europe" and there were hardly any of the things you would expect a place billing itself as a European Market to have. I am not surprised to read this headline.

Bernie Tha First

Jeradio, old man. Both of my beloved late Mother's parents were born in one of those "Spooky Wierd" Slavic countries. As were the ancestors of many of my high school buddies. You wanna get together to discuss the many & varied cuisines of Europa? My brothers & I would be delighted to buy the first few rounds!

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