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Ellett Brothers of Chapin, located at 267 Columbia Ave., notified employees over the weekend that the facility will be permanently closing its doors by August 5. The business, which has been in Chapin since 1933, distributes and markets products for hunting, shooting, camping, archery and other outdoor activities. Ellett Brothers is owned by United Sporting Company and currently employs 200 people.

According to an employee, those working shifts over the weekend received the news verbally. Additionally, all employees just received a letter in the mail from United Sporting Companies’ Chief Restructuring Officer, Dalton Edgecomb. The notice thanked the employee for their service to Ellett Brothers, then informed them that the Chapin facility will be closing on or before August 5.

“The entire facility will be closed and all employees at the facility will be impacted. This notice has been provided as soon as reasonably practicable in light of the company’s continued efforts to actively seek additional capital or a sale of the company to avoid the planned closure and adverse effect that prior notice would have had on such efforts.

We regret to inform you that your position will be impacted. You may be relieved of your work duties on or before August 5, 2019.

Bumping rights do not exist. The closure is expected to be permanent,” the letter reads.

According to an article by Yahoo Finance, United Sporting Companies filed for bankruptcy protection Monday, with plans to liquidate. The article noted reasons for its Chapter 11 filing included too much debt, discounting caused by excess inventory, large companies moving away from selling firearms, and hurricanes in the Southeast that impacted the Chapin location which reduced demand.

Cola Daily contacted United Sporting Companies Human Resources Director Grace Brickle, who was referenced on the employees’ mailed notice to answer any possible questions.  When asked about the closure of the Chapin location, she said, “nothing is definitive at this time.” Then, when questioned about the notice employees received, she reiterated, “nothing is definitive.”

Any additional information from Ellett Brothers or United Sporting Companies officials will be provided if received.

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