diablo's southwest grill

Franchisee Kevin Boyd (right) with manager Jake Bongiovi. Karamie Hallman photo.

Lovers of queso and guac will soon have a new restaurant to try in Lexington. Diablo’s Southwest Grill will offer fast-casual food with options like quesadillas, burritos, nachos and salads.

Franchisee Kevin Boyd said there are a few factors that set Diablo’s apart from other similar-style restaurants. “We cook over apple wood which makes our proteins taste absolutely amazing,” he said. “Everything is made fresh, we don’t even have a freezer. The meats and chips are cooked all day long.” Boyd also said Diablo’s will have a salsa bar to go along with the free chips that come with every meal.

One of the biggest additions to Diablo’s not offered by other competitors is a bar with a variety of drink options. “We’re going to carry Hazelwood beer from Lexington’s Hazelwood Brewery that just opened, along with a couple other draft beers. We might have sangria as well. We’ll have the full cocktails, beer, margaritas, all that stuff,” said Boyd.

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Image used with permission from Diablo's Facebook page.

Diablo’s began in Augusta, GA. According to Boyd, the only other Midlands location was on Killian Road, but they have since closed with plans to relocate. The Lexington store will be located at 5541 Sunset Blvd., beside Pete Alewine Pool & Spa.

Boyd said his goal is to open the restaurant by the beginning of March. Hiring will begin in a few weeks. Managers Logan Mayson and Jake Bongiovi along with Boyd are posting information on the company's Facebook page with updates at least twice a week. The store can also be found on Instagram: @DiablosLexington.

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