Aside from being a breakfast classic, cereal has become the unofficial "meal" for times when a full dinner is just too much to think about after a long day.

Columbia will soon have a spot that offers cereal with a twist. Day & Night Exotic Cereal Bar will be bringing a variety of cereal bowls and milkshakes to the Midlands this year. 

The business started as a food truck in Los Angeles and has since become a franchise with brick and mortar stores popping up across the nation.

Columbia's location owners Danavon Morris and his fiancé Karleisa Brabham have plans to open a Midlands location after coming across the opportunity to be owners.

"We stumbled upon it probably a week or so before the Charlotte location opened," Brabham said. "We just kind of went for it, we discussed it, we prayed about it and when the opportunity was given we went with it."

Menu options at the cereal bar will include a variety of cereal blends with customizable toppings and milk options for customers to experiment with flavors.

"It’s a cereal bar with exotic cereal, it gives you the opportunity to create your own exotic cereal bowls and milkshakes," said Brabham.

The menu features about a dozen pre-made bowls and shakes including the "liquid gold" made up of peanut butter crunch, honey clover Lucky Charms, cookie butter and banana. Another option is the "cookies & cream" which consists of Cookie Crisp, Hershey's cookies & cream cereal with chocolate donut sprinkles.

Whole, skim, almond and oat milks are available offering options to those with allergies and dietary restrictions.

Brabham said she and Morris are working toward solidifying details on the location and opening date of the Columbia Day & Night Exotic Cereal Bar. She said the details have yet to be released due to matters which need finalizing, however, additional updates will be posted to the business' Facebook and Instagram pages.

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