Lexington will be getting a sweet addition this year with the opening of Crumbl Cookies. The business, founded in Utah almost three years ago, has become a widespread franchise across the country with 150 operating locations in 17 states and 100 new stores on the way.

Owner Tyler Hinckley, a Texas native lived in Utah where he met the founder of Crumbl Cookies at church. After learning about the business, he and his wife decided to embark on the journey of opening a location of their own.

The couple and their two children then moved to Charlotte, which led them to visiting the Midlands. Hinckley found the area to be appealing for opening a business. “I’d come to the zoo with my kids and thought this would be an awesome place to open a location,” he said.

He described the look of upcoming gourmet cookie store as an aesthetically-pleasing space with a minimalist design scheme. “Customers can see the cookies made in an open-concept type kitchen, with minimalist type design,” Hinckley said. “You see people posting about it on Instagram.”

The store will open in the former Windstream location in the Target shopping center on Lexington’s Sunset Blvd.

Crumbl Cookies offers a variety of gourmet cookies with 120 flavor options on a rotating menu. Each week, the menu will include six flavors, four of which will rotate weekly. The cookies are close to 4 in. wide and measure an inch in thickness.

Flavors range from classics like chocolate chip, sugar cookie and snickerdoodle, to unique flavors like muddy buddy, lemon glaze, Biscoff, churro, peanut butter bar, Funfetti, and more. Crumbl Cookies' ice cream, Crumbl Cream will also be served.

Crumbl Cookies Lexington is scheduled to open in mid-to-late November. Customers are eligible to receive a free chocolate chip cookie on the first Friday of the business’ opening.

Hinckley and his wife plan to open a Crumbl Cookies location in Columbia in the near future as well.

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