The Well Collective, a local health and wellness business on Rosewood Drive in Columbia, hosted its second Mindful Art and Meditation workshop Tuesday evening. The session was led by Julie Khansard, a local Columbia artist and former TWC employee.

The workshop was held in the yoga studio and welcomed guests by providing paper and pastels for the session. The evening began with a 20 minute guided meditation. Participants were led through a practice of mindfulness, healing and relaxation with emphasis on centering the mind and body.

Following the meditation, Khansard demonstrated different drawing techniques and encouraged everyone to make the artwork their own. Participants experimented on paper with chalk pastels and chose inspirational words to influence their art.

“I care a lot about mental health,” Khansard said. “I just wanted a way to combine meditation as well as creative practices in a space that felt comfortable and approachable for everyone, because it's so important.”

Participant Allison Green said she enjoyed the evening and plans to go back if it's offered again. "I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxing it was, incorporating the art with meditation, and I would love to explore it more. I'm really hoping Julie does another class like this one soon, I will definitely be recommending it to my friends," she said.

The event lasted an hour and a half. The group left with their own pastels and four drawings to take home.

“It's so important to just sit down and create for nothing. Especially as an artist too, to be able to create and not for money. I’m not going to be selling these anywhere, it's so important to just do it,” said Khansard.

She is hopeful to hold another workshop in the spring at the venue. “As long as they’ll have me, I’ll keep doing it. We did one in November, so maybe it can be an every two month thing. I think it went really well," she said.

Khansard went to college for art and education and now has her own art studio, Julie K. Art, located in Columbia.

Additional details and information about future events are available on the Well Collective's Facebook page.

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