The face of business in Columbia is changing. The entrepreneurial spirit is certainly catching on with a younger set, and there seems to be more women-owned businesses than ever before. No new enterprise reflects both of these developments more than ByFarr, a custom design and marketing firm.

Started by Brynley Farr in 2005 when she was still a student at Carolina, her focus then, and now, is small businesses. From business branding, to wedding design, letterpress printing, and graphic design, ByFarr can do it all. And you may have seen a sample of the company’s printing if you’ve ever picked up a copy of Fig Columbia, a local magazine promoting small business.

ByFarr is the affiliate studio that designs and produces Fig Columbia. And though their niche is small businesses (think Loveland Coffee or Sweetcream Company), outfits as large as the Darla Moore School of Business are on ByFarr’s list of clients. “No job is too big or too small,” said Farr.

Over the years her training as a designer and business woman came from a variety of venues. Previous employers have helped her acquire the knowledge that has resulted in her success. From Starboard Communications she learned direct marketing, from Plex Corporation the fundamentals of marketing.

Her team has grown to six full time employees. As she grows, she bases her hiring decision on integrity first, skill sets second.

“Our business philosophy can be summed up in the phrase: to be unclear is to be unkind. Honesty governs all we do. When you contract with us, you will know the complete scope of our services, what we will or won’t do, all the deliverables, and what it will cost. No surprises,” she explained.

When asked about future growth, Farr mentioned she recently bought a larger building on Sumter Street in the Cottonwood neighborhood. Cottonwood is a growth area for Columbia and has welcomed new businesses such as Cottonwood Brewery, Indah Coffee, and The War Mouth.

Target date for move-in is August 1. She and her team should fit right in.

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