As a result of the coronavirus crisis, West Columbia business owners are becoming resourceful.

“We offering cupcake kits for kids,” said Jolene Bailey of Buttercreme Dreams, 1230 C Ave.

She said the cupcake kits are a quick pick-up item with a theme. Last week there are dinosaurs and mermaids, included in the box. The kits are an item of convenience. “We’re finding ways to adjust until this is over,” Bailey.

Bailey also said so far her customers are postponing their baby or bridal showers, and birthday parties, instead of cancelling. She’s thankful for that, and she’s monitoring the situation. “We’re playing it week-by-week,” she said.

The TRAC Gallery – Twin Rabbit Artist Collective opened on Feb. 7, at 140 State Street.

“We just got started, and then we had to close,” said Meagan Skinner, who owns the gallery with her husband, Robert Keith. The business is a gallery and studio and offers art classes for all ages and skill levels, taught by professional artists.

She said she is pleased with the location of The TRAC Gallery and encourages patrons to purchase gift certificates for use when the crisis is over.

“We’re very happy here,” said Skinner. “It’s a beautiful building and we love our neighbors.”

She also said the State Street location in West Columbia is “affordable.”

Kyle Cullum is the owner of Threads Embroidery, 601 12th St., West Columbia.

He is open, but a lot of his normal customers are closed down because of the coronavirus.

“We sell a lot of shirts, caps and other accessories to youth baseball leagues, schools, and travel ball teams,” Cullum said. “All of those activities are on hold. The Special Olympics for the schools have been cancelled, too. It has really slowed us down.”

Threads does not require much face-to-face contact, but some businesses do.

Spa 131, at 131 State Street, is not accepting appointments through April 1. But that does not mean you can’t plan for the future.

Owner Marci Delaney is encouraging the purchase of gift certificates. She said in a message the gift certificates bought now will “come in handy come Mother’s Day.”

She also asked her customers to keep an eye on Spa 131’s social media pages to be informed for their reopening date.

Cullum is looking to future to, while making the most of the present. He said he’s trying to limit layoffs and on Thursday employee Tarah Humphries was applying a fresh coat of blue paint to the Threads office.

“We’re doing all that we can to get by,” said Cullum. “I’ll really be glad when this is over.”

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