The Lexington County Blowfish baseball team’s merchandise store is on Main Street in Lexington.  

Formerly, it sold mainly shirts, game tickets, and Blowfish paraphernalia for fans.  On Wednesday, the store unveiled a new, “sweet” addition.  Blowie’s Sweet Spot is now open for business, offering dippin’ dots, shaved ice, cotton candy, and jumbo swirl lollipops.  

Blowfish General Manager Theo Bacot said their main motive behind the addition was because of the growth Main Street Lexington has been recently experiencing.  “There have been two new restaurants in the past two months with more coming in.  So we thought with all the foot traffic it would be the perfect opportunity to add Blowie’s Sweet Spot,” he said.  “It’s somewhere families can come enjoy themselves after a meal.”  

Wednesday was the first day people were able to experience the sweet shop, but Bacot said many have been reading the new sign and peeking in through the windows during the past weeks.  “I’d come outside and tell them this was coming soon,” he said.  

During baseball season, the store is open 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. every day except Sunday.  Bacot said if there is a Sunday game, they will be open that day as well.  Blowie’s Sweet Spot is located at 101 East Main Street.  

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