River Bluff High School was busy Thursday as the Lexington Business Expo brought nearly 100 business vendors and an estimated 300 to 500 public attendees in participation.

“Fantastic turn-out so far, we have seen a lot of public entities, a lot of other business community members who aren’t showcasing today but they still come out to network and support each other, and we couldn’t be more pleased,” said Adam Deloach, director of membership for the Lexington Chamber about the ongoing expo.

The event has been held annually for nearly a decade and serves to provide a free-to-the-public trade show opportunity for networking and interaction between local businesses.

The Lexpo is hosted by the Lexington Chamber and Visitors Center, which works to grow local business and community. There were 30 sponsors who supported the event.

Attendee Steve Coleman, an agent for David Gilston Insurance Agency, said he always enjoys the expo.

“We’ve been coming for the last couple of years, we’ve been a member for awhile, it’s a good thing to do, support businesses, learn about other businesses, and hand out cards,” said Coleman.

The occasion hosts all types of businesses, from restaurants and law firms, to pest control services and banks.

Local healthcare provider Veritas was one of the 80+ companies present. Billing director Karen Erickson said it's always wonderful experience.

“We have been a member of the chamber and we have enjoyed these events since we started," she said. "That’s what brought us out, because we love  meeting people and having people get to know Veritas. It’s wonderful, it’s been great."

More information on the chamber and their upcoming events can be found HERE.

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