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Midlands Media Group, LLC is owned and operated locally – that means our focus is our hometown, our audience and helping our advertisers reach their goals on a personal level.

There are infinite ways to get immediate national or global news when you’re on the go. When it comes to what’s happening in your backyard, only Cola Daily delivers local news right now, no matter where you are.

Cola Daily updates the news – your local news – all day long. We tell you what’s happening whether you are on mobile, computer or listening to 94.3 The Dude radio. You can also subscribe to morning news headlines delivered directly to your inbox – for free.

Tune in to 94.3 The Dude for great country music, hear the news you need to know, and learn more at

TheDudeLogo 94.3 FM The Dude – Undivided country means flashbacks and today’s new country favorites.  94.3 The Dude is also the proud home to Soldier Salutes, Freeloaders Fan Club, 7:30 am Pledge of Allegiance, Little Dude Comedy Club, 90’s at Noon, RedCup Country Saturday Night party and more. And of course, you’ll hear local news from throughout the day.
ColaDailyLogo – Our daily newspaper is totally free and online at Our goal is to report “why” things happen rather than just what; to avoid sensational and polarizing news and opinion; and to start a community conversation on all kinds of topics important to quality folks who live, work and play here.
ColaDailyDealsBagLogo – We get full value certificates from our advertisers, and then sell them to you at a 50% discount! You get to save 50% on everything you buy, our advertisers gain great exposure and get to showcase their businesses.


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