First electric litter vacuum, known as “Rosie,” to be unveiled at Main Street’s First Thursday

Photo provided by City Center Partnership.

There’s a new “lady” that will soon be seen picking up trash in the Main Street Columbia district. City Center Partnership will unveil Rosie, its new TSM Ariamatic 240 – Street Vacuum, during First Thursday on Main. The unveiling will take place  Thursday evening at 5:30 p.m., on the corner of Hampton and Main Streets.

According to City Center Partnership representatives, Rosie is the first electric litter vacuum cleaner with an autonomous driving system and Follow Me system. “She” will recognize and automatically follow the operator while at work cleaning the streets of the Main Street District.

Rosie is environmentally friendly and releases zero emissions. She is the only urban and industrial waste vacuum cleaner designed to take care of the needs of the operator by making the cleaning tasks more ergonomic and less heavy. The safety devices with which Rosie is equipped detect obstacles and people, ensuring total safety not only for the operator, but also for the urban areas in which she is used.

“We are excited to unveil this new smart system, and we are very proud to be the first organization to use this technology in the United States,” CEO and president of City Center Partnership, Matt Kennel, said.  “Come on out to First Thursday and sneak a peek at Rosie.  Our Yellow Shirts will be demonstrating how she operates.”

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