Tenants for the retail and commercial space at Brookland could be announced soon

Brookland from State Street.

It is one of the most-significant projects in West Columbia. And the multi-million-dollar complex known as “Brookland,” at the corner of State and Meeting streets, is almost finished.

“Buildings one and two are completed and filled,” said Matt Mundy, of Estates and Co., the developers of Brookland. The residents of those units can look out of their windows and see the Columbia skyline. On the west side of the complex, multi-story views of West Columbia avail themselves.

Also, a sign that reads: “Now Open” drapes the balcony of Building Three of Brookland. Mundy said that structure will begin filling up with residents, soon. He also said there should be an announcement coming about Brookland and the identity of commercial and retail tenants in the storefronts that are a part of the project.

Brookland has also spawned growth around it. Since final plans were approved for Brookland less than three years ago, development in the The River District, that borders the Congaree River, has blossomed.

Soon, West Columbia’s new Interactive Art Park will open on Meeting Street.


It will connect to the large Savage Craft Ale Works complex coming to Center Street, in the old Brookland City Hall and Fire Station.

In the shadow of Brookland sits the site of West Columbia’s one-of-a-kind Enabling Park. The playground equipment for that landmark attraction was delivered Thursday. And planners believe much more is to come in the future.

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