Backstreets Grill opens in former Dianne’s on Devine location

Backstreets Grill menu items. Photo provided. Other photos by Karamie Sullivan.

There’s a new Columbia restaurant that officially opened its doors Monday evening in a familiar location. Backstreets Grill, located in the old Dianne’s on Devine building at 2400 Devine St., offers modern American fare with price points that should appeal to a variety of crowds. The building has been vacant since Tallulah closed just over a year ago.

Managing Partner Casey Peissel moved to Columbia to help get the store running. His family owns another Backstreets Grill in Hickory, NC. Peissel went to college in Columbia and said he always knew he’d move back.

The Backstreets menu offers items varying from mac and cheese to hand-cut steaks. One of their signature dishes, Peissel said, is called a chicken salad surprise. “It’s a French bread bowl that we hollow out, put our homemade chicken salad in it with a slice of tomato, cheese, and we bake it. It’s served warm. So far that’s probably been the one people have found most interesting,” he said.

According to Peissel, individuals can find different items on the menu to accommodate their preferred tastes, and price points. “I know Dianne’s was considered fine dining. But the thing here is, you can come in and spend $10 a person, or you can spend $50 per person. It’s not really excluding anybody – I think everyone will find our pricing reasonable,” he said.

Now that Backstreets is open, Peissel has gotten to see their customers discover what the restaurant has to offer. “It’s been kind of crazy,” he laughed. “We’ve been working on it a long time. I’ve always thought about it since I was a freshman here, and then it’s finally the day where the doors are open, and that’s why we do it. We’re really excited.” The maximum seating capacity for the building is approximately 150 people. In addition to the indoor tables, booths, and bar seating, there is also open and enclosed patio seating, and a private room that will be available for reservations in the future.

Currently, the restaurant is open for dinner beginning around 4 p.m. Next Monday, Backstreets will be open seven days a week for lunch and dinners, opening at 11 a.m. Peissel said they are also working on a brunch menu. More information can be found at

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