Sunrise Artisan Bath and Body moves to new location in Five Points

Owner Tzima Brown poses with her products. Chris Timmers photos.

Tzima Brown, owner of Sunrise Artisan Bath and Body Shop, has recently finished a big move. Her business has officially opened in the former Portfolio art gallery space, at 710 Saluda Avenue in Five Points.

Although Brown’s company was already located in the Five Points area, her move allowed her to be positioned on a heavier-traffic street. Brown is an entrepreneur of vision. Her business provides lotions, soaps, skin balms and other topically applied ointments for the alleviation of discomfort and irritation.

“We use no animal products in our skin butters or lotions,” she explained. “In the old days, soaps were composed essentially of lye and animal fats. Today the key ingredients are lye and various butters, i.e. from shea nuts or cocoa, not from cows.”

How did Tzima get involved in the soap business? About fourteen years ago she purchased a soap-making kit from Hobby Lobby, half-priced, as part of a post-Christmas sale. She followed the instructions and produced her first bar of soap.

“It was awful,” she laughed. “It was as if I had made a little brick.” But she didn’t give up and did research on various ingredients, constantly experimenting at her kitchen sink to make a product that people would embrace.

Her next step was to introduce her improved products at Soda City, the open air market on Main Street for merchants to promote their wares to an interested market.

“The response was overwhelming,” said Brown. Demand surpassed her ability to produce in her little kitchen factory. In time, operations expanded, resulting in the Five Points location.

One of the most popular products Brown sells are for men. She said shaving bars and beard conditioners are some of her best-sellers. “The hair of a man’s beard is much coarser than the hair on his head. Our beard conditioners make facial hair supple and smooth.”

Sunrise’s hours are Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. More information can be found on their Facebook page.

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