New name, same mission: SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy is now Fact Forward

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For 25 years, the South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy has served the Palmetto State by helping lead the way to a 70 percent drop in the teen birth rate since the early 90s, and changed countless lives for the better. The mission will continue, but with a new name: the organization is now Fact Forward.

Fact Forward CEO Beth De Santis said the change, more than a year in the making, gives a more complete picture of what the nonprofit does.

“In the last 25 years we’ve been able to really expand our work,” De Santis said. “Teen pregnancy prevention is still the pillar, but a broader focus has really been happening for us, and our name really needed to reflect that.”

The “Fact” part of the name reflects the organization’s focus on evidence-based strategies for healthy reproductive choices.

“In the world of reproductive health, especially when it comes to younger people, they need complete education,” said De Santis, adding that prevention of STIs is part of the mission too. The rate of STIs among teens and young adults has been on the rise in South Carolina.

“It’s the broader focus on the health of young people,” De Santis added. “If you arm people with the right information at the right time, they generally make the right decisions.”

The new name also reflects the ever-evolving and growing mission of Fact Forward. The organization promotes easy access to reproductive healthcare, from counseling to contraceptives, and trains and educates people who work with young adults, not necessarily just teens.

Fact Forward has trained people in other states, and while South Carolina will always be the primary focus, De Santis said the evidence-based curriculum and strategies can work anywhere.

“The mission has not changed at all,” De Santis said. “Our name may have changed, but our priority will always be young people. We know that this broader lens of reproductive health will allow us to have bigger reach among adolescents.”

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