Local author’s new novel poses question “what if?”

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Many may have contemplated what their life would be like if they made different decisions or had the opportunity to go back and change things. In the new novel What if..?, local author Cat FitzGerald explores these thoughts deeply.

Main character Rachel Montgomery experiences complacency in her second marriage and begins wondering what would have happened if her first husband had not passed away. This leads her to many other questions and eventually, fantasies. Rachel concludes that her life would ultimately be better if she’d never gotten married a second time. However, her daydreaming could lead to some unintended consequences, as well as resentment.

Author Cat FitzGerald lives in the Midlands and teaches women’s Bible Study as well as public speaking. According to FitzGerald, she has been writing stories and poems as long as she can remember. She has also been the recipient of the Carolina Christian Writers Conference Award for Fiction.

What If..?  is published by Christian Faith Publishing and is available wherever books are sold.

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