Dunkin’ opens on Sunset Boulevard in Lexington

The Lexington Dunkin’ team takes a moment from working their second day to pose under the store sign. Karamie Sullivan photos.

There’s a new place in Lexington where residents can satisfy their sweet tooth. Dunkin’ Donuts (now known simply as Dunkin’) opened Thursday at 5225 Sunset Boulevard, in the former One Taco Two Taco location.

Training Manager Olivia Williams was on site Friday afternoon helping the shift run smoothly. Williams travels to different locations to help prepare and train new staff members. She and store manager Cass Keith said the new store has been well-received so far. “Oh yes, it’s been very positive,” said Keith. “A lot of people didn’t know we were opening yesterday, but it was a good turnout,” added Williams.

The Sunset Boulevard Dunkin’ offers teas, coffees and cold-brews on tap. According to Williams, this is just the second location in the state to utilize the tap system.

One of their newest drinks, also offered on tap, is called the “nitro.” Williams said it will give customers quite the energy boost. “The nitro is cold brew, but infused with nitrogen,” she said. “It only comes in a small, and doesn’t have any ice.” The large amount of caffeine in the nitro is why it’s limited to only one size.

Dunkin’ also offers a variety of breakfast food in addition to its popular donuts. Menu items include breakfast wraps, croissants, sandwiches and hash browns. “Yes, we serve breakfast all day, and we open at 5 a.m.,” said Williams.

The store will hold its grand opening June 14, where the Dunkin’ cup mascot will make an appearance and employees will be offering giveaways. Keith said Dunkin’ is still hiring new team members.

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