Driver captures photos of black bear spotted in Newberry

Shyann Kinard photos, used with permission.

One motorist spotted quite an unusual sight early Wednesday morning in Newberry.

Shyann Kinard, a Chapin resident, said she saw a black bear while she was driving on Highway 121 heading towards the interstate around 7 a.m. The bear was walking in the direction toward 121 Truck and Trailer Washout (12098 SC-121), according to Kinard. The sighting was approximately 20 miles outside of Chapin.

“He appeared like he had either just crossed the road and I caught him at the end of his crossing, or he had popped out of some nearby woods,” she said. “He was headed into someone’s yard.”

Kinard said the bear was walking at a leisurely pace. “Not too many cars or people out at that time, so I don’t think he was scared,” she added.

Although she admits she was definitely shocked, Kinard said she wasn’t scared. “Just more surprised than anything,” she said.

According to Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologist Jay Cantrell, young male black bears typically venture out and become most active beginning in the spring. “Typically it’s young male bears trying to find their way in the world,” he said. Cantrell also said if anyone gets scared when encountering a black bear, they can make noise or yell, and it will likely run away.

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