Thousands show up for State House rally to address school concerns

Crowd at State House rally, Wednesday.

Thousands showed up at the South Carolina State House Wednesday for a rally.

A group called “SC for Ed.” promoted the protest and said the rally is necessary because their demands for a 10-percent salary increase, smaller class sizes and uninterrupted planning time are being unmet. The rally was expected to bring more than 4,000 supporters including teachers, students, parents and education industry personnel.

Some lawmakers have denounced the protest. S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster, via his spokesman, said it “sends the wrong message to students.” He also said it will unnecessarily disrupt schools and the schedules of working parents.

State Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman is not participating.

“I will not be joining those teachers who decide to walk out on their classrooms,” said Spearman. Instead, she will serve as a substitute in a classroom that is missing its teacher.

Some Columbia restaurants were offering free coffee, and discounts on food, Wednesday, for teachers with a valid ID.

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