Local business participating in national coin hunt, dropping valued coins across Midlands

Photos provided.

Steve Twitty, owner of the Gilbert Coin Exchange, has decided to participate in a nation-wide hunt.

Twitty and his staff are taking part in the Great American Coin Hunt by dropping hundreds of valued coins at locations around the Midlands for residents to find. This is the first year coin dealers across the country have held the event during National Coin Week (April 21 through 27).

Every day through Sunday, his staff will be traveling to various locations and placing approximately 100 coins in the vicinity for anyone to discover. According to Twitty, the group is dropping Buffalo nickels, Mercury dimes, and Standing Liberty quarters. Throughout the week there will be five “hologram coins” dropped, which are tokens that should be brought into the store.

“These are the most valuable. If they’re found and brought in to our shop, they get a coin that’s worth about $100,” said Twitty. The hologram coins are the size of a quarter, and have a sticker on one side with the event website printed on it. “That way if they don’t know about it, they could go to the website and discover that it’s worth about $100,” he said.

So far, Twitty said they’ve dropped the coins in a variety of places from Segra Park in Columbia, to Lowe’s Food in Lexington. Many are placed directly on the ground in a parking lot. “We’d love the kids to find them. But we’ve just kind of spread them out. In grocery stores, I’ve seen people put them on top of shelves, cans, anywhere,” said Twitty.

After the drop is finished, Twitty said he posts a clue about the location on their Facebook page. The location is also reported on greatamericancoinhunt.com‘s website.

Twitty hopes people who participate in the hunt are able to discover a newfound interest in coin collecting. “Let’s face it, today most people use cards and they don’t use currency as much anymore. We’re trying to foster the hobby a little bit and get people interested in coins,” he said.

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