Comet Executive Director John Andoh addresses Cayce-West Columbia Chamber Breakfast

John Andoh

John Andoh, the new Executive Director of the Comet, Columbia’s bus system, was the speaker at the Greater-Cayce-West Columbia Chamber February Breakfast, Tuesday.

The breakfast was held at the new Lexington 2 Innovation Center in Cayce. Breakfast was prepared by the culinary arts students of the Lexington 2 Innovation Center.

“We want to move the Midlands in a more efficient manner,” said Andoh.

He said the Central Midlands Regional Transit Authority – The Comet’s overseeing body-  is expanding routes to West Columbia, Cayce and Springdale. Daily schedule begin at 6 a.m. until 10 p.m.

Routes run hourly from Columbia into West Columbia (Route 26) to Lexington Medical Center. Another route runs hourly from Columbia to Cayce and Springdale (Route 28) all the way to Columbia Metropolitan Airport. A free service, called the Soda City Connector offers a transportation from Columbia to the Riverwalk areas of Cayce and West Columbia.

The Comet has an annual budget of $27 million said Andoh. He said The Comet also subsidizes (the first $5) for some Lyft and Uber services for individual travel. The Comet works with major employers- providing a $500 subsidy for van services to encourage ride sharing.

Andoh said 10 Blue Bike stations are being constructed, eight in Columbia and one in West Columbia and another in Cayce. The Blue Bikes are to encourage the use of CMRTA-owned bike use.

Find out more at The Comet website: Catch The Comet

The Chamber Breakfast also included the introduction of Tracy Hegler, the new Cayce City Manager.

She said Cayce just completed a $30 million waterline upgrade project and it is completing a $6.3 million traffic calming a streetscaping project on Knox-Abbott Drive in Cayce.

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