New 100-acre venue space unveiled in Lexington

Twelve Oak Estate front porch and entrance. Karamie Sullivan photos.

The newest Midlands venue space officially opened its doors to a crowd Tuesday evening in Lexington. Twelve Oak Estate, named after the 12 oak trees lining the entrance, was once the home of Russell Spence who inherited the property from his father. It was purchased last year by well-known local DJ Kevin Snow, who has transformed the property into an event venue that can accommodate up to 5,000 guests. The antebellum-style former residence sits on 100 acres of woods, fields and trails, located at 125 Kittal Road. In addition to the two-story estate structure, the area also offers a barn space, and a 5000 sq.-ft. airplane hangar with a runway.

Snow said although he enjoys DJing, he had been seeking a more long-term business venture. “As much as I love DJing, I thought I can’t do this forever. I’m not going to be cool forever,” he laughed. “I can’t always keep up this lifestyle of going to these parties, I knew I needed the next step. So I wanted to have an event space.”

The venue is approximately 30 minutes out from Columbia. Snow said he realizes when people drive there, they may not know what to expect. “When you turn down the first driveway, you’re like ‘okay, this is a little dirt road.’ Then you turn down the second leg of it, and you see the 12 oak trees. It’s like Charleston or something here in Columbia – that first view really impacts people.”

Snow said throughout his eight years being a full-time DJ, he has grown to love weddings. “They’re kind of neat to me because of my theater background. You’re setting a stage for people, it’s very theatrical, it’s definitely a production to me,” he said. Twelve Oak Estate will offer wedding packages including time for bridal portraits and the wedding rehearsal, in addition to a 12-hour rental for the wedding day ($4000 package, when the wedding is a Saturday).

However, the venue space can accommodate additional events including festivals, concerts, parties, and reunions. “There’s a hundred acres with trails where you can take pictures. But then there’s also the big fields where you could hold concerts,” Snow said.

Although his DJ business, Events by Snow, is not required to provide the music/entertainment, he said that his company’s services are already included in the price quotes. Snow also said he plans to continue operating Events by Snow while running his venue space. “I hope to continue them simultaneously,” he said.

Additional information and pictures of Twelve Oak Estate can be found HERE.

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